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About  Feeding   Time

Creating this painting is to remind you of moments you would otherwise take for granted and is depicted here by a woman who experiences much joy simply by feeding her cats. The warmth from the golden light above contrasted against the cool depth of the background signifies a simple gesture, the woman's innate giving nature stands out amidst the dark surroundings.

Genre art, Feeding Time, cats portrayal

Feeding Time, 16" x 20"

pastel on Mi Tientes sanded paper

Tea & Cheesecake

About  Megumi's Cheesecake

Visiting friends I haven't seen in years, I was treated to their delightful homemade cheesecake; made with less sugar than typical, it was absolutely perfect. The beautiful teacup and teapot were made by a local artisan which has accents of gold leaf.

Megumi's Cheesecake, 7" x 5"

pastel on Hahnemuhle pastelfix

Pastel Landcape Art

Blue Doors, 8" x 10"

pastel ground on matt  board, Rembrandt pastels

About Blue Doors

In my travels through Oia, on the island of Santorini, I was taken by this sight with its composition, color and play of light that the island is so well known for. I stumbled upon this hidden scene, one of the many, meandering maze-like paths through the small hillside town. The commanding presence of this place stopped me in my tracks as if the island's spirit tapped me on my shoulder and whispered "Look at me". My re-creation of this picturesque environment is for you to feel the same quiet peacefulness of this captivating place. I hope this painting speaks to you as the moment captured in time spoke to me.

There are endless possibilities of framing and matting. Here is an image to give you an idea of what your new painting can look like. Or you can purchase it ready framed in 11"x17" as shown to the right in birch wood-replicate with white border.


Framed pastel painting landscape Oia
Wildlife bird pastel painting

About Wintery Nuthatch

Having lived in a forest environment allows so much opportunity to see wildlife in its natural habitat. This adorable and frequent visitor to my porch inspired me to recreate its amazing life and to freeze that moment in time. I hope that you have the perfect place in your home to display this wonderful Nuthatch.

Wintery Nuthatch, 8" x 10"

pastel ground on matt  board, Rembrandt pastels


About Rainy Day

Landscape Pastel Painting Rainy Day Bike Amsterdam

My painting is to evoke a memory, creating nostalgia, or make a new one for you. I came across a bicycle in Amsterdam that caught my attention with its strikingly bright orange seat cover and I noticed the fall colored leaves that surrounded the bike. Little moments like this is like stopping to "smell the roses" and a reminder that beauty can be found everywhere if we just take a moment to reflect.

Rainy Day, 7" x 5"

Pastels on Pastel Board

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."

- Edgar Degas

About Vivere La Vita

Old world in feel and enticing the simple pleasure of tasting a wonderful sparkling wine. This is what I hope this painting reminds you of. I used a reference photo from a Conde Nast publication as I was drawn to the contrasting delicateness of the glass and lightness of the beverage against the heaviness of the wood surface.

pastel still life painting

Vivere La Vita, 9" x 7"

Pastels on UART 600 grade

About  On   the  Rocks

Nearing the end of drinking my iced beverage I was struck by the colors, shapes and reflections so much so that I had to capture the image. Created using fine quality pastels on sanded paper, my challenge was rendering ice and glass. Though realistic, my interpretation may still be viewed confusing. What do you see if not ice tumbled in a glass? If anything, this is abstract and during the process of painting this I was and am reminded of Kandinsky's, Miro's and Willem de Kooning's works.

On the Rocks, 12" x 9"

Pastels on UART 600 grade

About  For  a  Night  Out

For A Night Out was painted to capture the satiny effects of the shoe fabric combined with the elegance of pearls; both seem to be reserved for special nights out. The original painting does have a 3/8", un-painted border with deckled edges which when framed can be exposed for an artistic quality finish. Feel free to ask any questions you may have!

For a Night Out

For a Night Out, 10" x 13"

Pastels on Pastel Ground Arches Watercolor Paper

Spring Thaw

About   Spring   Thaw

Strolling along Crystal Creek in Wyoming, I was mesmerized by the rich colors even amidst a snowy landscape. I hope this painting takes you to this magical place.

Spring Thaw, 10" x 10"

Pastels on Pastel Ground on Mat Board


About  Wintry  Crystal  Creek

Driving through the Tetons in Wyoming along the Snake River is such beauty. One of the many scenes captivated me so much that I had to capture it in art form. The bright, rich colors of rust, aubergine and aqua in nature were astounding considering the time of year being winter.

Wintry Crystal Creek

Wintry Crystal Creek, 10" x 10"

Pastels on Pastel Ground on Mat Board



Tranquility, 9" x 12"

Pastels on UART sanded paper

Featured in Boise Weekly

March 2019 vol 27 issue 41

About     Tranquility

My inspiration for painting a lily pond comes from a desirable escape from our every day hectic lifestyle. It's to remind us of the peace that is always there should we choose to acknowledge its presence and to appreciate the omniscient beauty of our world.

This piece will be going to auction October 2019 to support Boise Weekly's Cover Auction Art grant program and Boise Weekly's investigative journalistic mission.

About   Backcountry

Driving through the countryside of Idaho, this striking scene of the landscape and its bold shadows struck me. Backcountry is in a loose painterly style, visible in the brushstrokes.


Backcountry, 9" x 12"

Pastels on UART sanded paper

About   Venetian   Tapestry

Venice's rich history and multilayered architecture is so full of texture, the view from Ca Riccio Bed & Breakfast is like a tapestry.

Venetian Tapestry, 9" x 8"

Pastels on Hahnemuhle paper


About   Datura Dew

Blooming in abundance off the Arizona Trail, these flowers are not to be mistaken for the trumpet flower. These beauties are called Datura which are known to be poisonous and derive their name from Sanskrit meaning apple thorn.

Datura Dew pastel painting

Datura Dew, 7" x 5"

Pastel on Pastelbord

About   Indian Country

Having lived in the high desert of Flagstaff, AZ I had the best of both worlds living among pine trees and snow in Flagstaff and being able to experience the beautiful, vast open Indian landscape of majestic red rocks within a stone's throw. The monsoon season is one of the most powerful displays of mother nature as depicted in this painting.

Indian Country, 4" x 8"

Pastel on Pastelmat

About   Me, Ewes and Lamb

Inspired to paint sheep from another artist and having seen a photograph posting of sheep grazing on a farm, I decided to replicate the source of inspiration and interpret it with artistic mark making.

Me, Ewes and a Lamb, 9.5" x 12.5"

Pastel on Hahnemuhle Pastelfix

About  Minnehaha

With direction from renowned artist Desmond O'Hagan, Minnehaha is an exploration into a looser style with broad painterly strokes allowing your mind to fill in the details of this jewel of a scene within an urban landscape.

Minnehaha, 9.5" x 12.5"

Pastel on UART sanded paper




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