A custom pet portrait is a thoughtful and unique gift for a friend, relative, colleague or co-worker. Most especially, it can be a gift for you!

We keep photographs to remind us of a moment and how we felt at that particular time. A painted portrait evokes more; it adds that characteristic touch of time spent creating the nuances of your pet such as that black patch of fur around their eye that no other pet has or that distinct expression that your pet has when he or she is overjoyed to see you. It is the process of creating the portrait through the medium that adds significance. I spend hours looking at every detail of a pet's photo, so much so that I feel that I know them by the time the painting is complete. If I am lucky enough to meet them in person the experience is amazing and inexplicable. A picture is worth a thousand words. A portrait is worth a thousand memories.

We wish our pets can live our lifetime. With the bond that is created it is very difficult to lose a loved one. Providing us with companionship, they give more than memories, they give us laughter and unconditional love. A portrait of your best friend and family member, though does not take the place in our hearts, is more than art. It is meant to serve as a remembrance  and commemoration of them and all the wonderful loving memories you both created. As one of my clients said 

It means a lot to us to have these

reminders around to show how much we are loved, and how much she is loved....

you've captured our laughing Janie perfectly!!"




A Wedding Gift

This custom portrait illustrates a story of two dogs analogous to their owners, a couple soon to wed and looking out into their promising future together.

As a surprise gift, there were limited photos available of what my client could provide. These labradors were drawn from several images of differing angles and limited lighting. This rendition, with limited resources shows that it can be done!

...This is so beautiful! And so incredibly thoughtful. I absolutely love it and it's so very special..."

~recipient of surprise gift received



"It seems to be my mission in life to wait on a dog."

                                                    ~ Georgia O'Keefe




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