Pricing is $40 for

3" wood disc

2.5" shatterproof flat round

3" shatterproof magenta with matte finish

Each comes with:

coordinating ribbon

any additional adornments you would like painted on such as paw prints, the pet's name, year, etc.

certificate of authenticity

Wrapped in tissue paper in a small box

Noodles packaged with logo.jpg


Your customized drawing or painting will arrive in a flat, hardboard enclosure. A protective overlay will be attached to the front of the painting with tape.  The painting will be sandwiched between two pieces of hardboard for sturdiness. Shipment will be via USPS and prices start at $17 for 1 week.


Note that the sheet size is not indicative of actual, final painting size. This is to allow room around the drawing for framing and/or matting.  Framing is recommended as to protect the integrity of the drawing.

Sheet Size


Approximate Image Size

Suggested Frame Size

11 x 14

12 x 16

18 x 24

$ 300

$ 350

$ 400

8 x 11

9 x 13

15 x 21

11 x 14

16 x 20

20 x 24

*Each additional pet is $50 to the above costs.*

Purchasing & Commission Process

Contact me at berdine@heavenlypetart.com to discuss what your would like to order. You can also fill in your contact information below. Please provide the following information:

  • your choice of medium: charcoal drawing or pastel painting

  • size

  • good quality photos of the pet  (explanation of photo request below)

  • The pet's name. I would also like to know about their personality. Is there a toy or favorite item they like that you would like included in the drawing?

Lead time is dependent on how many drawings you would like, medium, drawing style/level of detail and size. Approximation of completion not including shipping time is one week per drawing.

A deposit of 50% is kindly requested to begin work on your new art. Payment can easily be provided through a variety of options such as Paypal by clicking on the Purchase Now button at the bottom of the page, I can send a request for payment to your email or cell phone number, Zelle through inter bank transfer and Apple Pay. I also accept payment in the form of a check.

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Photo Submission Requests

The more detail your photo has of the subject, the better! Close-ups are best, within 3 feet to 5 feet, crisp, clear and in focus. Lighting of the subject is important with accurate color. We want your final piece to have as much clear representation as possible. Natural daylight offers the most desirable illumination. It is best to have light illuminate the face, however, keep in mind that too harsh of light will wash out all the details we need to see your pet's characteristics. An overcast day or partially cloudy sky provides the more desirable illumination. Photographing your pet outside is one option; indoors, close to a window creates desirable effects as well.

Notes in Caring for Your Art

Your happiness with your new art is important to me! There are some recommendations for keeping your piece in its original quality state for years to come.

     Framing your art, due to the nature of the medium rubbing off, is highly recommended to not only protect your art, it also provides an aesthetic presentation. Framing is very personal and a few factors play a part in the selection such as your home color scheme, decor style, etc. When framing, please allow space between the drawing and the glass. UV anti-reflective (museum glass) and anti-static glass is preferred to avoid having the pastel pigment lifted off the surface. This can easily be achieved by using archival mat board frame (100% ragboard) which creates a border around the drawing or painting or using spacers. Non-glare glass is discouraged as it will blur viewing your art and Plexiglass has a static charge that will pull pastels particles away from your painting. Using anti-static glass will provide viewing with the most clarity.

     Display pastels in hallways, spaces without windows or sitting and living rooms work as well. Direct sunlight and fluorescent have ultraviolet light which can cause fading. Please avoid hanging your art in places with damp air such as bathrooms as moisture may damage the pastel backing (sanded/textured archival paper) and encourage mold to grow.

     It is normal for your pastel painting to shed some particles at first. Please do not tap your painting as this will dislodge particles that have not fallen away. With time, particles will become more set. Unlike other mediums, touching can remove charcoal and pastel particles, smear the drawing and add oils from your skin to the paper. Please do not touch or blow on the surface. The trace overlay and hardboard sandwich enclosure must be kept with the drawing until framed. You will notice that some pigment will have transferred to the material that it comes in contact with; this is normal. Of all media, pastel is the most long lasting as it will not crack, yellow or darken. The pigments in the pastels I use are the same as those used in fine oil paints. One of the qualities that makes pastels different is that they are not bound with a liquid which tends to dull the intensity and/or yellow over time.

     In my process, I apply a fixative if at all to the first layer of pastels. This is to set a base. Because fixative alters the color and intensity of the pastels, I add layers of the latter to bring back the medium's luminosity. Please do not apply fixative to your final painting. It will alter the colors.

     When choosing your framer, please keep in mind that discount framers may charge less, however, they are able to by using non-acid free materials which may harm your painting. Investing in the best quality framing materials will provide you with preservation of your painting for many years. Some framing material suggestions are:

     ~ acid free foam board

     ~ 100% ragboard

My Process

The materials I use are of high quality such as a variety of papers ranging from UART to Hahnemuhle. I will recommend what material will work best to suit your custom portrait best. I also use a variety of high-quality pastels such as Caran d'Ache and Sennelier.

After we have spoken and I have obtained the necessary details for moving forward on producing your painting I will provide you with an overall layout. I kindly request 50% deposit prior to beginning the portrait. Once I have started your painting I provide regular status updates and images of the progress via email or text depending on your preference. When I complete your painting I will send you images of the final piece. I will then prepare the latter for shipment and provide you with a tracking number. It will soon be on its way to you for its new home!

Contact Me

My Work Space

I would love to hear from you! Please fill in your information below or email me at berdine@heavenlypetart.com. I look forward to creating an art piece for you to enjoy!

Follow me on....

Instagram: www.instagram.com/heavenlypetart

Facebook: www.facebook.com/HeavenlyPetArt

Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/HeavenlyPetArt

I also offer the option to have your custom art piece printed by Fine Art America onto several household and tech items, such as a framed print, mug, clothing, tapestry and much more.

My previous space, though had lots of character and was cozy, quaint, it only measured five feet by seven feet. With my new workspace I have much more room and surface area to create your custom pet portrait and ornaments!


You can easily pay a deposit and final payment through IPay applepay, Paypal, check and interbank transfer such as Wells Fargo Zelle. Please feel free to reach out with any inquiries!

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