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It is with amazement that I look back at how my fourth grade teacher saw a talent within me, so much so that she made it a point to share her insight with my mother. Her suggestion that I attend a specialized art program was what propelled me to begin my life as an artist. Being first generation American and raised by a single parent made the opportunity that much more invaluable.

Having explored various mediums, the moment I touched pastel to paper I fell in love. It allows me to be hands-on, connecting to the essence of the subject matter. Though I was able to use my artistic ability in my career as an interior designer, it did not feed my soul. Creating art is my purpose. My hope is that the viewer takes away a sense of what I feel, while being stirred emotionally and transported into a world unknown through surrealism. I explore a variety of genres to convey the goodness in humanity and illuminate our world’s beauty.


I started focusing on people portraits, but what dawned on me was my love for animals. Thus my focus changed to painting pet portraits which is not only fulfilling, but what brings me the most joy is knowing how happy I can make someone by creating a memorable portrait of their pet. Little did I know that this would be my calling, though I should have known when I created my first ever pet portrait decades ago in college. The portrait was a wedding gift for a former boss of mine who I am blessed to have now as a friend.   

And here is the portrait...

Allow me to create a custom portrait painting of your pet. The opportunity would be an honor and privilege. I look forward to hearing from you!

This is louis, the lab who loves to show his love by licking you!

When I view a painting there are several elements that capture my attention, but there is one thing which is most powerful and it is the emotion that it stirs within me. If I feel something when viewing a painting then it has served the artist's purpose, successfully making a connection and communicating on an emotional level all without the use of words. This very powerful act is what I strive for and your pet portrait is to remind you of joyful memories.

Artistic qualities that I also strive for is expression through texture and I do this by using characteristics of the pastel medium which is bold, colorful and has pigments that refract light like no other medium. I love portraying light in a piece such as the catch-light in a pet's eyes that truly brings the portrait to life.

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